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Clean and protect the granite investment

Installing granite countertops is one of the wisest decisions a homeowner can make, but not properly caring for the granite countertops is one of the biggest mistakes. There are so many advantages to granite kitchen countertops that make them so beneficial, including their natural beauty and durability. Installing granite countertops is a costly investment, though, so it is important to clean and seal them properly.

Luckily, granite countertops are easy to clean, and annual sealing shouldn’t be too difficult either. There are a few things that homeowners should remember, though, before they clean and seal their granite kitchen countertops. The work definitely isn’t over after installing granite countertops, but it’s well worth the effort.

Granite countertops are susceptible to kitchen heat, although they are much more resistant than manmade materials. Taking a pot of boiling water from the stove to settle would destroy a laminate counter top with a burn mark, for example. Granite kitchen countertops are more durable than those other materials, but they still need care. With just a minimal amount of proper care, though, any granite kitchen countertops will maintain the sparkle and shine that they had when the professionals were first installing granite countertops in the home.

Some of the biggest problems homeowners can face with granite countertops are grit or sand. Any object placed on granite kitchen countertops might have some grit stuck to the bottom that can dig in and scratch granite in the worst circumstances. It can happen in an instant that someone innocently slides a cooler with sand on the bottom across granite countertops.

There are some product manufacturers who claim to be able to repair scratches on granite kitchen countertops, but some of the material has always been removed when granite is scratched. It is doubtful that a miracle product could put the stone back. They can hide it if the granite countertops weren’t scratched too badly, but the only real defense is to be diligent and prevent scratches before they happen.

Cleaning granite kitchen countertops is another issue. Abrasive cleaners like Comet or Ajax are big no-nos. Ammonia based cleaners used over time will also dull the amazing shine and luster of granite. Using warm soapy water is the best option other than specific granite countertops cleaners.

Granite kitchen countertops also need to be sealed annually. Although granite is a highly polished stone, it is still porous, and those pours need to be kept sealed. Sealing the granite countertops helps them resist stains and keep their shine. Sealers can be applied by anyone, since no special skills are required. Since installing granite countertops is such a heavy investment, though, it is imperative that this process be done at least once per year.