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Choosing A Color Scheme

Natural stones such as marble and granite come in a variety of colors and designs. This is why a lot of interior designers prefer to install marble and granite countertops at homes. 

Individuals who are remodeling the home and plan to install marble and granite countertops should first decide the color schemes that will be implemented in the different rooms. This will decide the color and the design of the natural stone to be used.

 For example, a kitchen painted with dark colors will require a light shade of kitchen countertop. Otherwise, the kitchen will appear very dark. On the other hand, a bright blue marble kitchen countertop will match walls that are painted in light shades of beiges and blues.

 The choice of marble for the kitchen countertop will also be decided by the accessories that are to be used as well as the material used for the flooring. Usually, interior designers prefer to use light shades of Italian marble for the kitchen counter.

 Colors play a dramatic role in the mode of the room. In general marble with cool colors such as blues and greens tend to make a room feel more spacious and formal, while warm colors such as reds, yellows, and browns lend a cozy feeling.

 While choosing the color and design of the marble kitchen countertop, homeowners also need to take into consideration the color of the cabinets and the accessories used in them. For instance, cabinets covered with bright orange plywood will look really bad with black marble kitchen countertops.

 Because stone is a natural product, it is likely contain many colors in itself. This is especially true of slates and most granite. Homeowners can draw from the color of the granite itself and use the same color tones for the wall and cabinets. This will lend a pleasing and aesthetic look to the entire kitchen as well as to the granite kitchen countertop.  The style and color of marble and granite countertops will also depend on the space of the kitchen and the design of the countertop.

Usually, lighter color of stones with less grains and specks are used for small kitchens. These marble and granite kitchen countertops also run in a straight line.   Kitchens will a little more space often have an L-shaped kitchen countertop. This kitchen countertop design provides more space for people to move around the kitchen. It is best suited for apartments. In both these kitchen countertop designs, light shades of granite and marble are preferred.   Darker shades of granite and marble are usually used in large kitchen countertops or in kitchens that have islands.