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Best Material to Be Used In the Bathroom

Everyone wants to live in a big house, which looks grand and beautiful. Though the bathroom is a small room, which you cannot personalize a lot or add a lot of furniture, there are numerous ways of making it look pretty. A simple way to do this is by using good materials for your bathroom. You have got to find and choose the best material to make your bathroom look more splendid. Here are some of the best materials to be used in a bathroom.

Material for the Countertops

You could start by deciding what material should be used for your countertop. There are many choices available from which you can choose. Before settling on what type of countertop you want, you must take into account factors such as its price, durability, maintenance, style and installation. Having a countertop in your bathroom is a must. You must decide on a countertop material, which is not affected by water, that is considering the humidity and water in the bathroom. Bathroom countertops are usually customized however nowadays you can even get yourself pre-made countertops. Some of the best materials that can be used for your countertop are marble, laminates, tiles, granite and soapstone.

Material for the Bathtub

Next you can decide on the type of bathtub, whether you want a luxury bathtub or an old fashioned one. Later on you can decide on the material for your bathtub. Again there are a number of materials to choose from while deciding on the material to use for your bathtub. Each of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Even though these materials may be quite superior and good in quality, you must remember that over time they will be damaged due to use. Some suitable materials you can use are acrylic, marble, fiberglass, cast iron, enameled steel or porcelain on steel and solid surface.

Material for the Bathroom Walls

Selecting the material required for your bathroom walls is quite a task what with the endless number of options that are now available to you. But you must remember to make the right choices. You must consider certain factors such as it should be water resistant, easy to clean and durable. Also each material has its pros and cons that you must keep in mind before deciding on the final material. Some materials which are most commonly used and are the best to use for your bathroom walls are tiles which are available in a wide variety, fiberglass, acrylic sheet materials and marble and natural stone tiles. These come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Material for the Bathroom Floor

There are many options available when picking the right flooring for you bathroom. However you must keep in mind how the material handles moisture, whether it is durable or not and how the particular style will suit your bathroom. Materials that can be used are laminates, tiles which come in a wide variety of styles and surfaces and also vinyl flooring.

Keeping all these suggestions in mind you can now decide on how to remodel or design your bathroom according to your preferences.