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Atlantic city hotel adds marble and granite to its restaurants

Many fine hotels have caught on to the idea of marble and granite countertops in their dining establishments, as these are the most luxurious slab countertop materials. Having marble and granite countertops creates an ambiance and atmosphere in fine restaurants. While offering four-star dining is clearly the best way to attract people to a restaurant, hotels often find people want to go outside their facility to enjoy a first-class meal. By installing natural stone slab countertop s, though, many hotels are finding they can attract just as many patrons as their culinary competitors. One restaurant that has found the advantages of marble and granite countertops is The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. They feature a series of five-star restaurants, but to keep their guests from going elsewhere to eat they had to step up the atmosphere. They not only installed marble and granite countertops , but they also installed marble and granite floors and walls. This design choice made their restaurants a destination, and combined with the casino hotel patrons don't need to leave the facilities (unless they want to). The natural stone slab additions in The Borgata actually utilized 20 different types of stone.

These marble and granite countertops, floors and walls were comprised of Calacatta marble , Azul Macauba marble , Pompei granite, Lava stone, custom marble and granite mosaics, and other materials. The natural stone slab countertop and flooring materials were imported from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile and China. Homeowners in the United States don't have to go to such lengths, though, because there are granite and marble countertops made right in California. There are many challenges that come with installing these types of slab countertop s, walls and floors, especially when so many different types of stone are used.

The colors and patterns of marble and granite countertops are all different, due to the fact that they are natural stones created in the Earth surface. This is why The Borgata worked with stone quarries from all over the world, so they would have as much selection of slab countertop as possible. One of the restaurants uses coffee brown granite and white Arabescato marble on both the floors and wall. One of the other restaurants had the floors done in chiseled and flamed Pompei granite, with the restroom walls lined in an elaborate and rare custom wood and ceramic mosaic. After The Borgata incorporated marble and granite countertops to enhance their restaurant's atmosphere it paid off over time with increased customer support.

They also increased their status as a fine dining experience with the slab countertop and flooring additions. Natural stone is such a unique material because it is exotic, durable and mysterious. The cool surface of marble and granite countertops can be polished in several ways to give varying interpretations of its character and composition. Natural stone slab countertop s make for an extremely appealing aesthetic, which The Borgata already knows.