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Best Granite Colors

Granite counter tops come in as many different colors as a person could possibly imagined, so consumers have practically unlimited choices. A granite countertop doesn’t have to be brown or gray as people often think, though these colors are popular choices in modern kitchens. Investing in new counter top installation is a worthy endeavor because it can add value to the home, and with so many colors to choose from granite can fit into most any kitchen.  Granite counter top manufacturers and providers give consumers a color scale to choose from that shows all the options, including the basic choices of brown, black and white. There are also more unusual granite counter top colors to choose from, including shades of pink and blue. There are also granite counter tops that have many different colors, or just a couple of different colors.  

Anyone who has counter top installation in mind for their kitchen or bathroom should know that there’s no limit to the effects that can be produced by implementing a nice range of colored granite pieces. If the kitchen already has a particular color scheme in terms of wall paint and decorative accents, granite counter tops might be chosen to match or compliment those colors. If the kitchen or bathroom has pink or peach walls with white trim around the windows, for example, a greenish color of granite counter top may compliment it nicely.

These granite counter tops will really accent the rosy hues of the room.On the other hand, experimenting with a darker shades of pink or peach granite counter tops can have striking effects as well. If the room is decidedly pink or rosy in color, a dark red granite counter top might add to the depth of reds in the room. It’s most important to have fun when choosing colors of granite counter tops . Granite counter top installation can cost a lot of money, so homeowners may as well take their time and get the precise color of granite that finishes off the room.Granite providers will usually send samples of different colors of granite counter tops. These types of granite businesses usually have a general sample pack that will contain around 20 colors. Those who would rather see the specific colors of granite that interest them before deciding on a purchase should ask for samples of the specific color of granite that interests them. Even if they charge more for that choice of granite counter top color samples, this is really the best way to see if that color will compliment the room or not.

In order to get an idea of the wide range of colors of granite counter tops that are available, homeowners will have to visit several granite counter top retailers on their own. Luckily, the Internet makes this rather painless. Counter top installation should be a fun project, rather than a laborious chore.