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Accessorizing The Home With Granite

The granite kitchen counter top is durable and resistant. However, to look its best for a few decades, it does require some maintenance. 

Homeowners who are considering buying a granite kitchen counter should not be deterred by the fact that the kitchen counter top requires some maintenance. The maintenance schedule is no different from what homeowners follow every day for their kitchen counters.

 Homeowners need to understand that the reason that the granite counter requires some maintenance is because it is a natural stone that is porous in nature. The porosity of the granite makes is susceptible to stains and oil spills. 

Most individuals can keep their granite kitchen countertop looking clean and new by dusting the surface every day to prevent dust from settling in. Spills on granite slabs have a tendency to soak into the surface, so homeowners need to wipe up the spills immediately to avoid deep staining.

 Another way to retain the gleam on the surface of the granite counter is by cleaning the stone surface with a neural cleaner such as stone soap or mild dishwashing liquid and warm water.

 When cleaning the surface of the granite countertop with a soapy solution, individuals need to remember to use a soft, clean cloth. They need to rinse the surface thoroughly and finish off the cleaning process by drying the granite counter with a soft, clean cloth.

 Granite has become such a popular material with homemakers that they are now using granite slabs for the bathroom counter as well as the floor. The maintenance regimen to keep all the tiles looking clean and new is the same. 

Granite is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. There are several grades to each slab of granite as well. While most homeowners use the top grades of granite for the kitchen countertop and the floors, they often use a lower grade of granite for the bathroom floors and counters.

 Granite slabs can get slippery when wet, therefore individuals need to be careful when they are installing granite slabs in the bathroom. Some homeowners tend to use rougher slabs of granite for the bathroom. This prevents the slabs from becoming slippery.

 Apart from its use in kitchen countertops and floors, granite is also finding extensive use in the design and creation of accessories. A lot of homeowners are creating accents with rough granite slabs. This gives the homes a modern look and is also cost effective.